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S.H.E. Artist Gallery

S.H.E. (Share Heal Empower) is a collection of stories from twenty-four women of all ages, tucked within communities large and small, who courageously reached within themselves to overcome extraordinary obstacles. This book also links twenty-four passionate artists, who, inspired by “their” woman’s story, created a unique illustration emboldening each storyteller’s life journey.

As the author, I understand that we can create a safe haven for one another as we share a part of our deeper selves. This mutual openness permits a “narrative medicine,” which I had been searching for my whole life. I found that the most important step to overcoming any self-inflicted burden was disclosure. When I was willing to peel back my layers, I noticed others were inspired to do the same.

What the twenty-four women in this book, as well as many others, have taught me is that we are all wounded, we all worry, and we are all weighed down by feelings of unworthiness, but our triumphs are cause for celebration and reflection. For me, the bedrock of love, friendship and community is vulnerability. Heartfelt exchanges can provide us with connection and consolation. The woman I am and continue to become is the result of sharing, healing and empowering.

Proceeds from the book will be donated to The Share.Heal.Empower Foundation to support and empower women of all ages and cultures, promoting positive change through education and economic self-reliance.

she book artist - kristen huber - dalia
she book artist - kendall geer - madaline
she book artist - brigitte edery
she book artist - parker lund - lauren
she book artist - art by jola - clara
she book artist - frances elson - annette
she book artist - sharon belknap - leilah
she book artist - sarina hahn - desiree
she book artist - rosemary kimball - adelaide
she book artist - marcel nagy - linda lee
she book artist - darby hanson - tristen
she book artist - anita flegg - georgina
she book artist - susanne nason - jessie
she book artist - marana peirano -petra
she book artist - ruth
she book artist - erica russell - khorshed
she book artist - laura rasey miller - sonia
she book artist - shelby hogan kovac - joni
Dalia Kristen Huber
Madaline Kendall Geer
Brigitte Brigitte Edery
Lauren Parker Lund
Barbara Jean Barbara Jean
Clara Jolanta Frazier
Annette Frances Elson
Leilah Sharon Belknap
Trish Acacia Rose Pena
Daniela Amanda McMahon
Julie Debbie Hutchison
Suni Ana Marie Calandrelli
Desiree Sarina Hahn
Katrina Cassidy Lewis
Adelaide Rosemary Kimbal
Linda Lee Marcel Nagy
Tristen Darby Hanson
Georgina Anita Flagg
Jessie Susanne Nason
Petra Mariana Peirano
Ruth Ruth Ghia
Khorshed Erica Russell
Sonia Marie Laura Miller
Joni Shelby Kovac

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