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S.H.E. Book Reviews

S.H.E perfectly exposes the vulnerability and power we all possess.  These women will be instantly familiar.

Thank you, Shannon, for capturing our differences as a pathway to
our strengths.

∼Amy Richards
Author Opting In: Having A Child Without Losing Yourself
Co-creator Feminist Camp, and Executive Producer of VICELAND’s Woman

she book - epilogue

Artwork by Kathy Fritz

Bravo to new author Shannon Hogan Cohen and her new book S.H.E. Shannon’s unique writing style and her extensive research has given a fresh literary voice to the personal stories of the twenty-four women she features—all of them engaging firsthand accounts of triumph in life despite all odds to the contrary.

The profound artwork that accompanies each story—some from known artists and some from beginners—is equally unique, serving to wonderfully underline each woman’s narrative.

I look forward to seeing what’s next from Shannon Hogan Cohen!

David Samuel Frazier
Author of In Situ and In Natura: The Arzat Series

The collective voice shared by each of these wise women, no matter their age or circumstance, is based on truth lived and courage worn! Sit down at the table with this council of women. Their hearts are open as they share honestly what has helped craft who they are today. Though their stories are unique, in these times of challenge, the heart of woman shines a light greatly needed. The strength each one of them discovered in their vulnerability cultivates hope for all of us.

As they narrate their story, we are empowered through compassion, love and the hope that propels them on. They truly are the Shero’s of our time!! In each remarkable woman’s humility, she gives voice to the awakening that is currently surging across the planet. Truth sharing held in authenticity is truly a medicine of our times! Thank you, Shannon, for cultivating the possible within adversity! It is the seed planted of what is possible for our global future when the heart leads the way!

Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, PhD)
Spiritual Director, Center for Sacred Studies
Visionary, Author, Mother & Grandmother

We truly have so much to learn from each other! Every woman has a story and every story has great meaning and value. By virtue of the many common threads in our stories, we realized that we are so much more alike than we are different. Your individual story has the power to change lives, yet it can only do so when it is shared.

Kudos to Shannon Hogan Cohen for beautifully documenting stories from 24 inspiring women with the intent to Share Heal and Empower. I love this simple book that is open, honest and real. Bravo!

Shelly Ehler
Entrepreneur/ Motivational Speaker / Life Coach

Welcome to a relevant collection of personal essays by two dozen multinational women, strong enough to be vulnerable and share their deepest struggles and triumphs. I celebrate Shannon Hogan Cohen’s reminder that nobody knows what we are experiencing behind the face we share with the world. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking inspiration and possibly even salvation.

Claire Marti
Author of Come Ride with Me Along the Big C & Finding Forever in Laguna Series

One story at a time, meet a tapestry of women imparting resiliency across ages and cultures. It will be well worth your while to set aside a time to read their stories, reflect on their experiences, and imagine building a better world for future generations.

Silvina Rubinstein
Educator and artist, member of the Kauai Society of Artists

Breaking through the silence to voice the unspeakable, striking chords of courage and community, Shannon’s stories embody an alchemy of true listening.

Lisa Stewart Garrison
Social Justice Activist & Musician

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    “Stories help heal”

    ∼Shannon Hogan Cohen