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S.H.E. Foundation

The S.H.E. Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment of women of all ages and cultures.  Our mission transcends race, religion, ethnicity and politics.

The Share Heal Empower Foundation will leverage human and financial capital to promote positive change in the lives of women.  In partnership with you, we will improve the health and well-being of its recipients through Career Development, Education and Health & Safety.

Shannon Hogan Cohen

Shelby Kovac

Paige New & Gina Harvey

Success Stories

With the proceeds from the S.H.E. book, and the support of our generous donors, the Share Heal Empower Foundation has been able to provide meaningful grants and financial aid to women and organizations.

We invite you to become acquainted with the impact of our Foundation; defined through the inspiring stories of its amazing recipients—stories of courage, perseverance and accomplishment.


Like Our Own Non-Profit

The S.H.E. Foundation teamed up with Brandy Martin, CEO & Founder of Like Our Own Non-Profit providing young girls with school supplies, refreshments and support during the events below.

Like Our Own was formed in Sept of 2021, to provide housing to youth within the foster care, juvenile justice system, or who have suffered from traumatic life experiences.


Girls Rising Mentor Program

Donation of time and mentorship took place in December 2021 to the Girls Rising Program in San Diego for their holiday event.

The S.H.E. Foundation believes in giving the gift of growth and empowerment through sponsorship.

 Fundacion Sonrisas De Carita De Angel

The S.H.E Foundation has sponsored a donation to fund the move into a new office building. Allowing further publications to be put out at record speed and efficiency!

Clara Knopfler

Clara Knopfler is ninety-two years young and a Holocaust survivor.  We feel blessed to know this renowned speaker, contemporary academic, and truly inspirational woman.  She graciously shared her story in chapter six of the S.H.E. book. Clara’s mission is to educate others and she heals the world with her message of hope.

Clara is proficient in seven languages and communicates with friends and former students from all over the globe.  When Clara’s computer was on the fritz, the S.H.E. Foundation stepped in and purchased a new one for her.  The author’s son, Cole Cohen, took care of the setup logistics and got her back online again.  Skype is her preferred method of communication; however, her telephone rings quite frequently as well!

Julie Kauffman

Julie Kauffman shared her survival story in chapter eleven of the S.H.E. book. After years of ambiguity, countless doctor visits, endless tests and multiple surgeries, Julie was ultimately diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma T-cell in 2013.

She didn’t go into battle alone.  Julie had a dedicated support system of family and friends, especially her husband, Max, and her two daughters, Presley and Dylan.  After a grueling five-month treatment program, Julie walked out of the City of Hope in Los Angeles hand in hand with Max and the girls.  She has been cancer free for over seven years.

On May 8, 2019, the S.H.E. Foundation supported Julie by sponsoring the 16th hole at the Twin Oaks Golf Course for her 6th annual namesake event “Swings for Julie”. Julie’s resilience and determination reminds us that cancer can be beaten.

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The S.H.E. Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and registered non-government organization working to empower and educate women.

We believe that all voices count and that effective solutions are created with partnerships that are inclusive across social, cultural and economic backgrounds.

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“Don’t be ashamed of your story.
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