Khorshed – Chapter Twenty-Two ~ S.H.E. Book

Meeting and interacting with Shannon has been an amazing experience. Having last met my beloved uncle way back in 1994, I was delighted when he told me his neighbor along with her young son would be in New Delhi, the city I have lived in since 1991 and I was so happy to take them out to dinner to a restaurant serving Parsi food, the community my mother belonged to.

At the time we met April 2016, mother was just past her 89th birthday and growing increasingly frail and she would pass away in October after a long struggle. Though Shannon told me about her blog, I was not aware at the time that she would be working on a book on remarkable women. After mother’s passing I privately published a booklet on her remarkable life and times and this booklet and what Shannon heard of their shared childhood in Bombay from my uncle triggered off Shannon’s desire to include a chapter on my mother in her book on remarkable women.

Questions flew back and forth between Del Mar and Delhi for months and the final product was awesome—it was as if my beloved mother was speaking through Shannon’s words. The book when arrived in Delhi in May 2018 and when I opened it to Mum’s section and saw the gorgeous painting and finally saw the chapter in print it was an intensely emotional experience which brought me to tears. I feel so privileged and honoured to have met the noble soul that is Shannon and to be involved in this wonderful project, S.H.E. I am confident that it will go from strength to strength under Shannon’s able stewardship and wish both Shannon and her project all the very best.

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