Suni Paz – Chapter Twelve ~ S.H.E. Book

Meeting Shannon was the most delightful and unexpected experience for me. When she called me from California, requesting an interview for a book she was writing, I was flabbergasted. Was she actually willing to hop on a plane to Nevada and come for an hour or two just to interview me?

Since she was so wonderfully recommended by Terry László-Gopadze, the author of The Spirit of a Woman, and a dear friend, I accepted. Still I wasn’t sure what our interview experience would be since I didn’t know her at all. So I gathered some little bites to share together, since I imagined she might be a bit hungry and tired after her flight. Also Latinas always offer a guest food and drink as soon as someone appears at their door.

Well, Shannon arrived with a smile and an offering of little plants and flowers for my delight. As soon as we began talking, I knew I had been blessed with an intelligent, sensitive person, a woman of talent and grace, humor and kindness. I felt I could trust her with the most sensitive information about my life. That was a relief. Now, I could really tell my story in detail. The loss of my husband was not a theme I could trust to just anyone, but I trusted her completely knowing Shannon would honor my story. The time we spent together passed swiftly, and when the service car arrived, we were like two old friends regretting having to say goodbye. Now we have her book in hand: S.H.E. Share, Heal, Empower, Volume I—not to be missed!

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