Sonrisas de Carita de Ángel Foundation

“Smiling with the Sea”

With proceeds from the S.H.E. book, and support of our generous donors, the Share Heal Empower Foundation was able to sponsor a beach day called “Smiling with the Sea” for nine terminally ill children and their family members, to include one doctor and one nurse assistance from the Oncology Hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico.

As you can see from the “smiles” it was a memorable day. For several children in attendance it was their first and only time at the beach.  Local hotels donated rooms for the kids and their families. Transportation was provided to and from the hospital and the children enjoyed crafts, water activities and meals.

Despite being afflicted with the Renal Cell Carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer contaminating their young bodies, the children above, Meredith and Mizar had the time of their life.  With a heavy heart, they are no longer with us and each left this life much too soon.

 Sonrisas de Carita de Ángel

They are located in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and provide support, relief and welfare to children diagnosed with Hemato-oncological diseases, especially those from vulnerable regions of the Oaxacan coast in Mexico, offering them hope with quality of life and the necessary conditions during treatment of their disease.  They are a community leader in helping children with cancer, self-sustainable, with national and international recognition for their work in solidarity with the most vulnerable and unprotected children in the country.

We are proud to support Sonrisas de Carita de Ángel Foundation when translated means “Smiles of an Angel’s Face.” Their goal is to give a smile to the boys and girls suffering from terminal illness.  Dalia (Chapter One in the S.H.E. Book) started this Foundation in memory of her little Mayrita, who passed at the tender age of six with a rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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