The Mustard Seed Shelter

The S.H.E. Foundation donated money to the Mustard Seed Shelter in honor of Joni, who shared her domestic abuse story in Chapter Twenty-Four.

Author Shannon Hogan Cohen and S.H.E. Foundation board member Shelby Kovac recently traveled to Freeland, Michigan in support of SHERO Joni for a book signing event at Bayne’s Apple Farm.   All book revenues from the event were given to the Mustard Seed Women’s Shelter in Joni’s honor.

Shelby Kovac, S.H.E. Foundation Board Member & Tiffany, who currently lives at the Mustard Seed Shelter.

Shannon, Author of S.H.E. with Jamie, past houseguest of the Mustard Seed, her mom, Mary & her daughter Abby.

Director of the shelter Amy Bartels Roe was in attendance and the following evening, the S.H.E. team attended The Mustard Seed Shelter’s Annual fundraiser event.  In front of several hundred people from the shelter and the local community, Joni briefly shared her story and spoke to many who have suffered from abuse, both directly and indirectly.

Author of S.H.E., Shannon Hogan Cohen & Maureen Ervay, who bought ten copies of S.H.E. for the women at the Underground Railroad.

Shannon Hogan Cohen & Director of the Mustard Seed, Amy Bartels Roe.

With the donation, Director Amy Bartels Roe and her team can continue to provide women and their children, a loving, nurturing and healthy place to heal and gain or regain their “footing” in life again.

Joni, Shannon and Mustard Seed Shelter Board Member, Carmen Mora.

Joni, Chapter Twenty-Four

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Mustard Seed Shelter

Located in Michigan, the Mustard Seed Shelter assists their guests in putting the pieces of their life back together again. We recently visited the shelter and listened to the stories of a few women who are currently living there and learned brokenness takes time to heal.

The Mustard Seed helps women of all ages, repair a lifetime of feeling fractured, as some women stay, on average, three to six months and learn how to get their life back in order. On behalf of the board, the S.H.E. Foundation looks forward to continued support of this non-profit shelter and give these women a sense of identity and empowerment.

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