Meet Kerrie

I’m a California girl!  I was born in Downey and now live in Atascadero.

There will always be greener grass somewhere, but you have to remember that every lawn also has piles of shit!  If you keep climbing the fence to get to greener grasses, eventually you’re going to step in some.

I suggest staying in your own yard.  Maybe put a little more effort into it.  Cultivate it, fertilize it, water it…  work on cleaning up your own piles!  Before long, you’ll have the greenest grass on the block and, in the process, you’ll learn to be grateful for what you have.

And one day, when you’re out admiring all the work you’ve done, remember to peek over the fence at your neighbor’s lawn.  If you see some brown spots, toss them some seed or some fertilizer.  There’s enough green grass to go around – it’s good for the neighborhood and the property values.

Fun Fact:  I love candy!  My favorites are Hot Tamales, Bottle Caps, and chewy SweeTarts!

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