Meet Shawnette

I was born in Saginaw, Michigan, which is where I live now.

Life will throw hard things at you so embrace every moment.  Learn from past failures and allow yourself time to heal.  Recovery is a daily process.  Sometimes a wound has to be exposed to the elements if you want it to heal properly. Cry if you need to, share your story with others, bring that hidden pain into the sunshine – trust the process and move forward when you are ready.

Never let anyone change you or tell you who you should be.  You are significant and special – this world needs you exactly the way you are!

Fun Fact: My hometown of Saginaw is a place of greatness! Many talented people have come from here such as NBA players Draymond Green, Mark Macon, Darvin Ham, and Jason Richardson.  Stevie Wonder was also born here!

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